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Reihe: Fortschritt-Berichte
Sachgebiet: Informatik/Kommunikationstechnik
Band Nr.: 833
Titel: Constructing a user experience-based
mobile learning environment: Problems
Ort: Shanghai
Jahr: 2014

script addresses researchers and practitioners in the area of mobiles learning. The demands of an increasingly knowledge-based society and the advances in mobile phone technology are combining to spur the growth of mobile learning. However, for mobile learning to attain its full potential, it is essential to develop more advanced technologies that are tailored to the needs of this new learning environment. This work presents new advances in mobile learning from the perspective of user experience design. The optimized user experience we suggest integrates three priorities, namely a) content, by improving the quality of delivered learning materials, b) the teaching and learning process, by enabling live and synchronous learning, and c) the learners themselves, by enabling a timely detection of their emotional state during mobile learning. The technology resulting from the research presented here is in daily use at the School of Continuing Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a blended-learning institution with 35,000 students.

Autor: Ruimin Shen, M.Sc.
  158 Seiten
  37 Abbildungen 17 Tabellen
ISBN: 978-3-18-383310-8 ISSN: 0178-9627
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