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Reihe: Fortschritt-Berichte
Sachgebiet: Informatik/Kommunikationstechnik
Band Nr.: 836
Titel: New trends in digital systems design
Jahr: 2014

Design of digital system is a very important part of computer science and electronics, and it increased importance in recent years. Nowadays, digital systems are not only a hardware but also microprocessors, dedicated hardware and software for them. It can be said that they evaluate into embedded systems. The rapid growth of a silicon technology can be saw, but there is a lack of new, complex design methodologies of complete systems. To fill this gap there are published several papers about the recent research activities and achievements in the context of digital systems. These papers cover different aspects from system specification and architecture through system synthesis and analysis to system applications. The important aspect of communication protocols is also discussed in one chapter.

Autor: Ph.D. Arkadiusz Bukowiec, Ph.D. Grzegorz Borowik, Ph.D. Michal Doligalski (Eds. )
  148 Seiten
  61 Abbildungen 32 Tabellen
ISBN: 978-3-18-383610-9 ISSN: 0178-9627
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